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Knowledgebase: Activation
My computer is not connected to the Internet, how can I activate it?
Posted by CompuClever Support Team on 08 December 2011 03:20 PM

It is possible to activate a full-version on a PC not connected to the internet using the "offline activation" system built into PC TuneUp Maestro.  You will need to use a second system that is connected to the internet to make this happen, in addition to the non-internet PC.  Here is what you need to do:


Install the trial version of PC TuneUp Maestro to the non-internet PC

Then, starting with the non-internet connected computer, open PC TuneUp Maestro
Click Register Now
Enter the license number 
Click Activate Now
An error message will appear with a URL in it (Http://...), save the link to a text file

Save the file to a memory key (or some means to take it to a computer connected to the internet)
Send the file to us at:

We will then create a file and send it to you with instructions on how to use it to register the program on the non-internet PC

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